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El Santuari

MEAT EXCELLENCE at El Santuari Steak House

Considered as a leading steak restaurants under Josep's management the El Santuari serves its guests the best steak cuts the Iberian peninsula and the world has to offer.

Meat from cattle reared with respect that is aged in the on-site dry ageing cabinets for between 30 and 120 days until the peak of the dry ageing process is achieved, offer guests a unique meat dining experience.

At El Santuari, cuts from old local breeds from the Iberian peninsula such as Mirandesa as well as international breeds such as Angus, Frisian and Japanese Wagyu from the Hyōgo prefecture (Kobe Wagyu) are on the  menu. Tempting cuts e.g. Porterhouse, Striploin, Ribeye and Tenderloin grilled to perfection over flavourful logs of local wood.

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